About Me

Hi, I’m Tamara Maasdam, founder of Mighty Moosegoose. I am an artistic soul with a strong desire to create, whether that is through art, theatre or writing. I work as an illustrator, improv theatre coach and actor, with a base camp in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have an endless curiosity and eagerness to learn, challenge myself and experiment. I create without limiting myself to a specific art form, style or medium. And Mighty Moosegoose is the platform through which I do all of that.

Check out my artwork in the “Art Portfolio” section of this website and go to “Theatre” to read more about my improv theatre activities. Or just click around and enjoy.

Do you like my work? You can hire me as an illustrator, graphic designer or improv theatre coach and performer. Or simply support me on Patreon if you want to help me create more.