Mighty Meeting

Mighty Meeting

Fall Gang
– Ayca
– Brendon
– Camila
– Eric
– Jonas
– Lucas
– Rameez

– David


We want to rehearse in the fall and meet up in real life while being careful about keeping distance. We have also decided that, in case we can’t meet up in real life, we’d rather push rehearsals forward into the next season than to rehearse via Zoom.
(That way it’s only the financial risk of the rehearsal space, but not the teaching hours at stake) So, we rehearse in real life or we push skipped sessions forward to next season.

Rehearsal Times

3 hours on Mondays, 18-21. Exact might change a bit depending on the space we’ll find.
We talked about including time to socialise/ hang out as friends into the rehearsals in some shape or form.

Rehearsal Space

We would like to book a rehearsal space somewhere close to the city. We hope to be able to find a cheaper space, so we have lower costs in case we are forced to cancel. Any help finding a potential rehearsal space is much appreciated!

Mäster Olofsgården = 280 excl./ hour.

Social Events

We would like to create more opportunity to hang out as a group outside of rehearsals and socialise. To make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to join, we talked about including some socials into the rehearsals.
We also talked about setting a few additional social event dates outside of Mondays.

A few options for socials on Mondays are:

  • Skipping one rehearsal a month (for example) to hang out and socialise instead.
  • Making the rehearsals a bit shorter, so we have time to have a drink after. (either in a bar or in the rehearsal space)

A few options for socials outside of rehearsals are:

  • Have a set monthly date. For example: every first Sunday of the month.
  • Have a few set dates reserved for socials that we plan a bit longer in advance, so we can more easily plan around it.

New Members

Our ideal group size would be 12.
The ideal gender balance would be around 50/50 to 40/60.


  • A bigger group gives more energy in rehearsals.
  • With 10 people it quickly becomes a fairly some small group when a few people are absent.
  • It’s valuable to watch scenes.
  • It’s valuable to have an audience and get feedback from them.
  • With a bigger group, we have the possibily to play formats that require more people while still having the opportunity to watch as well.
  • With more members we have a bit more flexibility in case some members leave.

Recruiting New Members

As we have 7 people who said they’d continue and our ideal group size would be 12, we have about 5 spots to fill. We don’t necessarily have to fill all 5 spots now, but in the long run, 12 would be a good number to aim for.

Different ways to recruit new members:

  • Open Open jams/ open classes where other improvisers can join. This way we can get an impression of the improvisers outside of an audition setting. (Where improvisers might be nervous or playing and acting a bit differently in order to make a certain impression.)
  • Hold auditions.


The plan for this summer:

  1. Have a few open jams/ workshops this summer where we can invite improvisers we like/ open up for other improvisers to join. If there are certain improvisers we really enjoyed playing with, we can approach them and offer them a spot in the group.
  2. If, after the jams/ workshops we still have more spaces to fill, we can plan an audition/ auditions.

Expectations for next season

The general consensus of the group is to ease into improv again, having fun and work on group unity (especially if we have new members) before we start planning anything big.

Most people aren’t thinking much of shows at the moment, but this can be discusssed throughout the season. Maybe some low-key smaller shows could be an option depending on the situation?

How is everyone feeling about Corona?

Everyone at the meeting was ok with meeting up in real life if we keep an appropriate distance. However, we don’t know how the pandemic will develop and we respect and understand that everyone might fluctuate in how they feel about it.

Compensation for missed hours

I will calculate the amount of hours of rehearsal time we missed and will let you know when I have the exact numbers. The Zoom rehearsals were shorter than 3 hours and we skipped 2-3 dates.

I checked with the group to see how everyone feels regarding compensation, but as everyone’s situation is different, I want to give the opportunity to every individual to decide how they would like to be compensated:


  • Carry-over for some or all of the missed hours into the next season.
  • Compensation through summer jams/ workshops.
  • Financial compensation for skipped rehearsal hours. (due to my lack of income this season, I will likely not be able to refund you immediately)

Please do consider that all freelancers working within theater have had enormous financial setbacks this spring and will likely be strongly affected during the fall too. If you have the financial means, please consider being generous towards any freelancer that is financially affected by this pandemic.