About me

Hi, I’m Tamara, an improv theatre performer and coach with a home base in Stockholm, Sweden.

I fell in love with improv from the first show I saw in 2007 and have been improvising ever since. I have been trained by International Theater Stockholm, where I have been working as a teacher since 2014.

I am co-founder and teacher of Improv Escape, an improv theatre summercamp for adults that’s all about escaping citylife, improving your improv skills and building friendships with fellow improv enthusiasts.

I am also member and co-founder of the improv ensemble Paraphrase, with which we bring improvised Scandinavian drama to international stages. Paraphrase has played in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia.


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Create Your Own World

In improv we have the luxury to turn our stage into whatever we want it to be. We’re not limited to a budget or restricted by the rules of the physical stage. We’re only restricted by the limits of our own imagination.

In this class we will experiment together and try out all of the possibilities that the empty stage has to offer. We will run, climb, fly, dangle, play with physical distance and closeness, and do space-object work. And through these environments, we will get to know the characters and discover how they interact with each other and act in this world we created.

We will tap into our own and the audience’s imagination and put together a visually exciting show with nothing more than a few chairs and ourselves on stage.


This part of the website is still under construction. Stay tuned.

Theatre Projects

This part of the website is still under construction. In the meantime, check out my two projects Paraphrase and Improv Escape.